Homeschool Music Course Curriculum

~Guitar for All Grade Levels~

Our Make Music Easy (MME) curriculum enables parents to have success teaching music with guitar.  Created for homeschool parents – and perfect for parents with little or no musical background – our curriculum will support you every step of the way.  And for older kids, we provide self-study approaches, making it easy for independent learning. 

How do we know the Make Music Easy curriculum works?
Because we use these methods every day in our studios:

Our students love learning guitar.

Our parents love seeing their children develop new guitar skills in a unique and fun learning environment.

"My son looks forward to his weekly lessons and feels so accomplished when he learns to play and sing a song.  His confidence has grown and he takes such pride in his guitar playing and singing."    -- Irma D.

With your purchase of our curriculum, you’ll receive all 5 Make Music Easy Guitar Songbooks containing music sheets for 150 songs, plus a lifetime subscription to "Members Area" which provides:

  • Full Access to all "Members Area" Resources:
  • Printable PDF Instructional Documents:
    • First Lesson Guide -- Step by Step Guidance Enabling Any Parent to Teach Guitar
    • Parent's Guide -- Detailed Guidance for Guitar Instruction
    • Guitar Tuning Guide -- Tips and Tricks to Make Tuning Easy
    • Chord Fingering Booklet -- Finger Positions and Photos
    • Student Practice Schedules & Student Progress Sheets
    • Standard Music Notation Course -- Kid-Tested Approach for Learning Sight Reading
  • Complete Video Tutorial Library
    • Instructional Videos for Key Curriculum Topics
    • Individual Videos for All Songbook Guitar Chords
  • Music Sheets and Play-along Tracks for 150 Songs
  • Hundreds of Learning Activities for Melodies, Chords and Singing
  • Documents & Tools that Enable Any Parent to Teach or Anyone to Learn Guitar  

In addition to your website subscription, you’ll receive all five of our popular Make Music Easy guitar songbooks (a $125 value): 

( Please click on one of these links for detailed information about a Songbook.)

Each full-color illustrated song book includes 30 songs in both Standard Music Notation and Guitar Tablature (TAB).  This provides an incredible collection of 150 songs! 


"Curriculum Package"  -  $199


Your Homeschool Music Solution

We know that homeschool parents value music education – but implementing this important subject is often a challenge.  That’s why we’ve created lessons that make learning (and teaching) music enjoyable and meaningful.

Our MME instructional resources and video tutorials will guide you, beginning with the very first lesson.

Easy Guitar Songbooks

Our learning activities are designed around the music in our Easy Guitar Songbooks, which come complete with a dual format for each song – a separate section for the melody and a separate section for the chords.  Our full-color 130-page songbooks display each song both in Standard Music Notation and in Guitar Tablature (TAB) to meet individual preferences – whether for learners who want to learn how to read standard musical notes, or for those who prefer reading Guitar Tablature.  Guitar Tablature is a notation system used by guitarists around the world, popular because it’s easy to learn and easy to teach.

Our MME homeschool curriculum includes all 5 guitar songbooks (a $125 value).

Activity-Based Learning

We use an activity-based learning approach, where each song acts as a “vehicle” to practice multiple musical concepts, with eight distinct learning activities for melodies, chords, and singing to accompany each song.  With our multi-level design, a child at any grade level can play guitar at his or her appropriate skill level, eventually moving on to higher levels with little or no frustration. 

MME is designed to assist parents in setting goals and in encouraging their children to practice independently and voluntarily.


Music and Play-along Tracks 

The best way to develop good rhythm and timing on a musical instrument is to practice playing along with recorded music.  That’s why we’ve created Play-along Tracks for every song in our guitar songbooks.  Initially, our Play-along Tracks act somewhat like “training wheels” on a bicycle, assisting your child as he or she “matches” the exact guitar parts on the recordings.  Once your child has developed good rhythm and timing, the recorded guitar parts will be removed and your child will begin practicing with background accompaniment only, learning how to deliver a complete musical performance.

Our MME Play-along Tracks have all of the positive outcomes of practicing with a metronome . . . except they’re much more fun!


Video Tutorial Library

With your purchase, you’ll receive a lifetime subscription to our website – and this includes our entire video tutorial library.  You’ll have easy access to dozens of videos that demonstrate guitar concepts such as tuning the guitar, playing melodies, learning chords, singing songs, and more.   Our clear visual demonstrations help parents understand concepts for teaching, but these are also student friendly as well.  In addition, older kids and teenage homeschoolers can enjoy using our videos for independent self-learning.   

Click the video image to view a MME sample video showing how to make a A7 chord

A Focus on Success

​Make Music Easy is focused on your success as a homeschool family.  Our guitar program was developed by a professional guitar instructor, and our approach has been tested on hundreds of students in music studios throughout South Central Pennsylvania.  As a homeschool parent, you can feel confident that you'll receive the tools, techniques, and support for music instruction that will prepare your child for a lifetime of enjoyment with the guitar.