Homeschool Music Curriculum

~Guitar for All Grade Levels~


Full Curriculum Package  -  $199

Full Curriculum Package:   

With purchase, you’ll receive all 5 Make Music Easy Guitar Songbooks containing music sheets for 150 songs, plus a lifetime subscription to which provides:

  • Full "Members Area" Website Access
  • Printable PDF Instructional Documents:
    • First Lesson Guide -- Step by Step Guidance Enabling Any Parent to Teach Guitar
    • Parent's Guide -- Detailed Guidance for Guitar Instruction
    • Guitar Tuning Guide -- Tips and Tricks to Make Tuning Easy
    • Chord Fingering Booklet -- Finger Positions and Photos
    • Student Practice Schedules & Student Progress Sheets
    • Standard Music Notation Course -- Kid-Tested Approach for Learning Sight Reading
  • Complete Video Tutorial Library
    • Instructional Videos for Key Curriculum Topics
    • Individual Videos for All Songbook Guitar Chords
  • Music Sheets and Play-along Tracks for 150 Songs
  • Hundreds of Learning Activities for Melodies, Chords and Singing
  • Documents & Tools that Enable Any Parent to Teach or Anyone to Learn Guitar   

In addition to your website subscription, you’ll receive all five of our popular Make Music Easy guitar songbooks (a $125 value).  Each full-color illustrated song book includes 30 songs in both Standard Music Notation and Guitar Tablature (TAB): 

( Please click on one of these links for detailed information about a Songbook.)

That’s 150 songs and 600 pages of sheet music!